How to do an OpenHIM-console release

This page describes the steps to follow to do an OpenHIM console release. Make sure you are on the master branch and it is fully up-to-date before beginning this process. Additionally, ensure that the version of OpenHIM core compatible with this release of OpenHIM console has already been pushed to GitHub.

  1. npm version (major|minor|patch) - choose one according to semver. (Use this command, i.e. don’t bump manually)
  2. git push origin master
  3. git push origin vx.x.x - push the tag that 2 created.
  4. Run grunt then tar cvzf openhim-console-vx.x.x.tar.gz -C dist/ .
  5. Create a new github release using the tag created in 3 above that includes the release notes and attach the tar.gz distribution created in 4.
  6. Build a debian package and upload it to launchpad. Follow the instructions here.